Sunday, July 8, 2012

Uganda Trip: Day 10

Day 10 we met at Calo Me Lare and again had a little mini-service of prayer, singing, and words of encouragement. I love how they do that in Uganda before they go out to do God's work - helps you to stay focused and more reliant on God equipping you. We were again paired up with an interpreter and this time we went hut to hut in the village around Calo Me Lare witnessing and praying with the people there. They were all so kind and welcoming, a bit of a contrast from the day before.

I was paired up with my friend, Michelle, and interpreter, Ronald. He was a neat guy that had a way with words and related well to everyone we came in contact with.

The two young ladies seen here in green accepted Jesus into their hearts. Oh happy day! I pray that their relationship with God will continue to grow and that they will learn to rely on Him for their every need.

A few scenes of the drive back to our hotel...

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