Thursday, July 5, 2012

Uganda Trip: Day 6

Day 6 we loaded up in our vans and headed to Calo Me Lare to spend the day with the kids there. We had so much fun reading books, making crafts, playing games, and doing activities all based around the theme of "Daniel in the Lions Den".


I got to spend time with Anna, the girl our family co-sponsors through Project Hope Worldwide, which was a great thrill for me to finally meet her in person. She has an amazingly sad story before moving into Calo Me Lare (which you can read about here) but she is now well taken care of and is a happily thriving young woman of God. She showed me around her house and was excited to show me where she sleeps...

I was happily surprised to see this bulletin board on the wall displaying photos of the girl's sponsors. I love that we can develop a relationship with them half a world away! We love to send Anna letters and small gifts and we especially love it when she writes us back!

After lunch, we were split into small groups and each member of our team had about 4-5 kids we were responsible for. This was my favorite part of the day because Anna was in my group along with four of her friends. I taught them how to play Candy Land, an American favorite that I wasn't so sure would go over well in Uganda but they caught on pretty quickly! ;-)

The kids from our church wrote letters to all the children living at Calo Me Lare so we put them in little goodie bags for the kids along with candy, stickers, and Zany Bandz. I gave the girls in my small group their bags and they looooved them!

Before our trip, I painted a big hopscotch game on a painter's canvas drop cloth. I pulled it out during our small group time and taught the girls how to play. Pretty soon other kids were joining in on the fun. I left it for them so hopefully it's still getting lots of use! ;-)

The rest of the day was spent playing outside with the kids. The $2.50 frisbees I bought at Target were a huge hit! ;-)

Super fun day with the kids!

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  1. look at those cutie pie toes on your crafty creation! LOVE!!