Sunday, July 8, 2012

Uganda Trip: Day 11

Day 11 was a bittersweet day. When we arrived at Calo Me Lare, I noticed right off the mood was kind of sad. I think the kids knew this would be our last day together. I didn't realize how attached we were to them until it sank in that this would be our last day together - for this trip, anyway. We made the most of our time, though, and spent the first few hours there just singing, dancing, crafting, and playing with the kids...

Scovia, Calo Me Lare's
 nurse, is pictured here
on the left. (Photo
by Justin Becker)
Here's a funny for ya - I had a couple of "bites" that didn't look like normal mosquito bites. So I showed them to the nurse at Calo Me Lare. She said, "Oh! That looks badly infected! We need to cut them open, drain them, then bandage them up!" I would have been fine with some ointment and a bandaid - not sure about the lancing part. She then proceeded to open a package that had a new razor blade in it and cut open the bites and cut the top layer of my skin off. Sounds much worse than it really was. She was very gentle and it barely hurt. The entire time she was working on me I was thinking, "Man! I wish I had a picture of this!" She must have known what she was doing, though, because they started healing right after that. I have to grin - it's all part of the African experience! ;-)

Our 12 year-old daughter, Mackenzie, crocheted a little bag and filled it with beauty supply goodies for Anna's house mother. I gave it to her on this day and I think she liked it ;-)

These are just a few random pictures that I love. Apparently, I have a foot fetish.

A big festival was planned for the rest of the afternoon. Everyone that lived around Calo Me Lare was invited for food, singing, and dancing - it was such a great time!

Our team was invited to present a dance at the festival so here they are practicing. I had the very important job of picture taker which is the ONLY reason I didn't participate because God knows I LOOOVE country music and will just jump at the chance to do a little two steppin! NOT! ;-)

Cami and Margie spent the better part of the morning preparing the meat to be cooked. Sure hope they receive extra jewels in their crowns when they get to heaven. That was a huge, and not to mention stinky, job!

And the preparations began...

And the people started to come. These were some of the first guests. They walked quite a ways and were dressed in their best clothes. They were so cute - they all wanted their individual pictures taken so they could see them on my camera...

And they came and came and came!

We think there were about 700-800 people there! Do they know how to throw a party or what?!?!

We listened to lots of singing presentations. Here are the "Elderly Woman of Bunga Bunga Bible Fellowship" (same as pictured up above) who sang to welcome the "visiting teams who come all the way from the United States". Gotta love the whistle ;-)

The house mothers sang...

Even some of the children from Calo Me Lare performed. I love this!!!

And dancers from Gulu did a little jig...

Our pastor, Derk, said a few words and so did several government officials and local townspeople...

We ate...

And had a great time! Here's a view from the tower as it was wrapping up...

Then the really hard part came - saying "see you later" to the kids. We had such an amazing time together and it was such a privilege just to be in their presence. May they grow with God and do great things for Him!

I'm hoping the next time I see them will be soon and with my girls and hubby. It would be such a great experience to go together. Some day ;-)

After we left Calo Me Lare, we went to the home of Dennis (one of the administrators at Calo Me Lare) and his wife, Grace. It was a time of winding down, more good food, and fellowship. It was the last night with our Ugandan friends, including our buddy, Tony - who is wearing a very cool shirt, by the way.

Ugh. I hate goodbyes. So... "see you soon!"

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