Sunday, July 8, 2012

Uganda Trip: Day 9

Day 9 we drove to the sister church our home church planted back in 2009.

We met for a "mini-service" of singing and prayer, then we were paired up with an interpreter.

We then went house to house in the village around the church and witnessed to and prayed with many of the locals within the area.

We found that many in the area said they believed in Jesus but they obviously had a works-based faith. They thought they had to do good deeds to earn their way into heaven and many believed they had to ask their priest for forgiveness of sins instead of going directly to God. Many seemed so sad and bound by their religion. I pray that God softens their hearts, shows them Truth, and that they come to the realization that accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior is the only way to heaven.

After we met back up at the church, some of the members showed us the beautiful paper beaded necklaces they made to help support their families. Of course, the ladies in our group had a fun time shopping and bought several to take back home with us. Such an amazing craft and the colors were so vibrant!

For dinner, we were invited to the home of Margie and Dennis, a couple from our home church in Oklahoma that moved to Uganda to do ministry there for a year. Margie served amazing homemade guacamole and chips then we went next door to the home of Andy and Cami, the couple from Oregon that help run Calo Me Lare. We enjoyed looking at their beautiful gardens then they served us a delicious Italian dinner. Great fellowship and yummy food. Thought I might be able to shed a few pounds while in Uganda but not after that meal!

Dennis (one of the administrators at Calo Me Lare),
his wife Grace, and their sweet three year old boy.

Cami and Andy

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