Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Uganda Trip: Days 1-4

After two days of traveling, we finally arrived to our hotel in Entebbe, UG, the same town we flew into.

The next morning, my friend, Rita, and I left our Oklahoma team and went to visit a babies home in Jinja. The kids were so sweet and welcoming. The director, Sharon, has done amazing things for those in the communities of south Uganda. She has a big heart for children and it shows in all she does. Here's a few pics from our visit at Arise and Shine Babies Home...

At one point, we heard "strange" bird noises and looked up and hundreds of bats had filled the sky and the upper part of the trees. Many were gone by the time I got my camera out, but the bats kinda took us aback. Don't see that everyday ;-)


 We had an amazing dinner at Two Friends Guesthouse and Restaurant...

We stayed the night at the Arise and Shine Guesthouse...

After our visit to Jinja, we hired a driver to take us back to Lira to meet up with our team there. Francis comes highly recommended by many families that have adopted in UG and I can see why. He was great company and knew the roads of Uganda very well. It was 8 hours of "fun" - bumpy roads, crazy driving, and going to the bathroom in "interesting" places. A bit of a culture shock for Rita as it was her first time to Uganda ;-)  We did get a flat right before sundown but Francis changed the tire quickly and we were able to make it to our hotel in Lira safely!

The rest of our stay in Lira was at the Margaritha Hotel. I was pleased that it had working toilets and good pillows - it's the little things in life! ;-)

In store for tomorrow - Bunga Bunga Church. Love African worship!!!

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