Friday, July 6, 2012

Uganda Trip: Day 8

Day 8, our pastor hosted a "Spiritual Retreat" for all of the Calo Me Lare staff, teachers, and house mothers. It was a time of being open and honest, discussing concerns and offering up challenges for spiritual growth.

While they met for the retreat, our Oklahoma team watched all 48 kids for the day. We spent the first few hours helping all the kids write thank you cards to their sponsors. Typically, a child is sponsored by 3 families so each child had quite a few letters to write. They told us what they wanted to say and we helped them spell their words in English. Their letters were so sweet and you could tell they truly appreciate those that give towards their well-being.

The rest of the day was spent just playing and hanging out with the kids. They especially loved to color. I was always amazed at how careful they were to stay in the lines and they really took pride in their work.

The drive back to our hotel...

Our sweet Ugandan friend, Tony, wrote my girls this letter. We are hoping he is able to come to Oklahoma next year for Kwero :-D

On tap for Day 9 is a second day of Spiritual Retreat...

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