Monday, July 9, 2012

Uganda Trip: Day 13

We got to spend most of the day relaxing by the pool which was much needed after the past two weeks of always being on the go.

We met some really nice ladies at the pool from Rhode Island that volunteer for Bead for Life, a non-profit organization that helps employ women in Uganda. Bead for Life has an amazing 18 month training program and after a Ugandan woman graduates, she has the capabilities of running her own bead or shea butter business. People abroad can also help these women by having home parties to sell their goods. It's a great organization so check them out!

Late afternoon, we went on an African safari riding atop our van. Our tour guide looked at us "old" ladies like we were crazy wanting to get up there but it's the only way to ride & see everything well!

We were almost about to leave, and a little disappointed that we saw almost everything except for tigers. Then we looked up and what do you know...

And as an added bonus, as we were driving back to the hotel, a leopard crossed our path. Too dark to get a picture and he was too fast - still amazing though. Thank you, God, for your creativity and sharing Your world with us ;-)

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